Meet the InpharmD Fellows — Hoda Abbasi

As applications come to a close and interview invitations are finalized, take a moment to get to know our current InpharmD fellows and what their experiences have been like so far!

Photo: InpharmD

Name: Hoda Abbasi

Pharmacy School: Mercer University

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m from Kennesaw, Georgia, and come from a Persian background. Following graduation from BIHE with a bachelor of science in pharmacy in Iran, I moved to the United States to follow my dream and further complete my Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Mercer University College of Pharmacy.

What factors did you consider when choosing a fellowship program?

I was looking for a program to prepare me for diverse future opportunities and a life time learning skill set.

Why did you choose InpharmD’s Fellowship?

To me, InpharmD has been always a novel experience with a unique mission that shows me how health care decisions can be changed using an evidence based medicine approach. I chose InpharmD because I knew it would be a rewarding experience to be a part of this great change.

What does a day in the life of an InpharmD Fellow look like?

As an InpharmD fellow, my daily tasks involve a variety of learning opportunities including but not limited to research, responding to drug information inquiries, evaluating literatures and providing drug monographs and class reviews to different health care settings in a friendly and flexible environment. I have had numerous opportunities to work on meaningful team work projects and have been able to better understand the role of drug information pharmacists in the varieties of professions (e.g., hospital, pharmaceutical industry, managed care).

Any advice for future fellows and applicants?

My advice for future fellows is that always aim high and follow their ambitions with perseverance and dedication to make a difference.

Photo: InpharmD



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